You Got Served…on Facebook

///You Got Served…on Facebook

You Got Served…on Facebook

With all lawsuits, divorce included, the other party needs to be served papers. Getting the other party served—particularly if they do not want to be—can be challenging. Often, the other party will dodge service. Such was the case for one Brooklyn woman who sought a divorce from her husband. It was a landmark ruling that was trending on Facebook itself—a Facebook user can use Facebook to serve divorce papers. At least that was the case for Ellanora Baidoo, a twenty-six year old nurse from Brooklyn, New York.

Her husband was elusive, has no mailing address, and there is no record of him at the DMV. So the judge allowed her to send the divorce papers through a private message on Facebook. The judge instructed her attorney to send the message once a message for three consecutive weeks or until it was acknowledged. Baidoo’s attorney applauded Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper’s decision, saying that it was necessary for his client to get on with her life. The couple had tied the knot in a civil ceremony, but had not had a traditional Ghana-style wedding as the wife had wanted. Therefore, they never cohabitated and the wife wanted a divorce. Her husband, as of this date, has not responded to the message.

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