Minor In Possession Attorney Alpharetta

///Minor In Possession Attorney Alpharetta

Minor In Possession Attorney Alpharetta

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Minor in posssession which is known as MIP in Georgia is where an individual under the age of 21 is found or found to have consumed alcohol.  There are two charges, there is possession, and then there is possession by consumption, they are both pretty much the same.  If an officer has probable cause to search you and your vehicle or has suspicion to test you, then from a .o2 and higher, they will have enough evidence to show that you have consumed alcohol.

The severity of the charges depends on the number of incidents that you may have faced.  If this is your first charge, you should be okay, and you will most likely be looking at a pretrial diversion.

If this is your second or third charge, things can get more serious.  The consequences of your actions will also be much more serious.  If you have faced multiple charges with underage possession, at that point in time it will most likely be recommended that you get involved in a treatment program.  Involvement within a treatment program will help to mitigate whatever the court will recommend.


If you are in North Fulton Georgia, and are facing a minor in possession charge in Alpharetta, Roswell or other court, please contact the Mitnick Law Firm for legal council.

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