How Long Will A DUI Affect My Car Insurance in Georgia?

//How Long Will A DUI Affect My Car Insurance in Georgia?

How Long Will A DUI Affect My Car Insurance in Georgia?

How Much Will A DUI Cost: Insurance

When people think about being arrested for driving under the influence, they often envision jail time, fines, and community service as being typical punishments for a DUI.

Long-term Impacts of a DUI

However, drinking and driving can have consequences that last longer than those previously mentioned. For instance, a DUI will stay on your criminal record for the rest of your life, as well as your driving record if you are convicted of it. One of the lingering effects a DUI has on someone is on their insurance. Some people expect their insurance to rise, but very few understand just how costly the increase in insurance will be. In many ways, it is the most expensive aspect of a DUI, costing as much as $10,000 extra in your car insurance premium.

The Largest DUI Penalty

It may seem like a severe punishment for a simple, one-time mistake, but drinking and driving are very dangerous to both you and everyone else around your vehicle. Both the state and insurance company will see you as a less safe driver, and an insurance company will naturally charge you more to cover you and your automobile.

After you receive a conviction for a DUI, the state will revoke your driver’s license. To get it reinstated, you must fill out an SR-22 form. An SR-22 form is a form that shows the state that you have the minimum amount of insurance required for three separate kinds of damage that a vehicle can cause:

  • The damage the vehicle does to you, the driver
  • The damage the vehicle does to other people
  • The damage the vehicle inflicts on the surrounding property.

You must maintain the minimum for three years. If you are unable to pay the premiums or you lose your insurance, your insurance company will notify the DDS, and your license will receive another suspension until you file another SR-22.

How Much Does A DUI Cost?

Filing the SR-22 is not expensive. It is only $20 or $30. However, the increased insurance premium that you must maintain for the three years will be very high because of the DUI on your driving record. Atlanta has a significantly higher insurance rate compared to the rest of America. It is believed that the average insurance rate is over 2,200$ a year. After a DUI, an insurance company could raise an insurance rate as much as 100% for five years or more. 2,200$ a year can add up quickly, and by then end of five years, a DUI could easily cost over 10,000$ extra in insurance.

In some cases, increased insurance premiums are the least of a driver’s worries. It is not uncommon of an insurance company to completely drop a client because of a DUI. A DUI on your record already makes you a risk for insurance companies, so other details about you, such as your age, may make them believe that you are simply too much of a risk to insure. They will drop you from their coverage or refuse to renew their policy when the current one ends. An insurance company canceling your insurance can be catastrophic for a driver who is waiting three years to get their license back permanently through an SR-22 form because they must restart the three years due to a loss of coverage.

Cost Of A DUI

It is imperative that you do not drive without insurance or with a suspended license. You driving with a suspended license will be seen by the state as a violation of your probation and will subject you to more fines, as well as an elongated license suspension period. The fines and suspension period will grow larger each subsequent time you are caught driving without a valid license. You may even be forced to serve jail time.

The consequences of driving under the influence are significant. They may cost you both time and money upfront, as well as several lasting effects. The only way to avoid these punishments after being arrested for DUI is to keep the DUI off your record by winning your case in court. DUI cases are complicated and require a significant amount of knowledge of both law and science.

An experienced DUI attorney can fight for you and guide you through the complicated process involving a DUI case. The lawyers at our firm have the necessary expertise and the know-how to help you keep a DUI off your record, keep from being punished with jail time and fines, and keep your insurance rates affordable. Contact our office and let a highly trained Alpharetta DUI attorney aid you in your legal battle.



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