Is my spouse on the hacked Ashley Madison list?

///Is my spouse on the hacked Ashley Madison list?

Is my spouse on the hacked Ashley Madison list?

Alright, time for everyone to take a deep breath.  A few weeks ago the popular internet affair website was hacked and almost all of the consumer data provided by members was compromised.  Throughout the Alpharetta area, and all around the world spouses have wondered whether or not their spouse used this website to have an affair, or to try and have an affair.


If you do not trust your spouse and you believe that your spouse may have signed up for these services, you can now go to to determine whether or not your spouse used their email address to create a profile on the website.  There are some items to consider.  Most of the users on the website were men, over 90% of the users on the website were men, while the remaining 10% were women whom were most likely capitalizing on the men whom had registered for the services offered by Ashley Madison.


The root of the issue with this hack has nothing to do with whether or not your spouse is on this list.  Marriages tend to break down as a result of distrust, lack of respect, honesty and trust.  If you are in a situation where there is a lack of trust in your relationship, it may be time to file for divorce, or, take the efforts required to rebuild your marriage.


Most affairs are not initiated by men or women that are looking to cheat.  A majority of spouses that cheat find themselves involved in emotional affairs which over time begin to blossom and become full fledged physical and sexual affairs.  If you think your spouse is cheating on you we recommend that you perform research before speaking with anyone regarding your concerns.


Research that any spouse can easily perform to help assess whether or not their spouse is cheating.

1. Check the text and calls going to and from your spouses cellular phone.  If you ask to see your spouses phone, and they are reluctant, or hesitant to hand it to you, they may be hiding something.  Some service providers such as AT&T offer usage reports to the account holder to view online.

2. Check to see your spouses usage on social media to see if there are changes that may be considered alarming.

3. Check your spouses email address to see if there are any salacious emails coming through.

4. Evaluate what apps your spouse may be using, if your spouse has an app on their phone called KIK, they may be using that application to contact their lover, outside of their texting plan.  Obviously Tinder is another app that is used to seek out communication with those of the opposite sex.

5. Watch how they spend their time, and what they talk about.  If a spouse is having an affair, you might be able to determine what is going on, by asking questions about their day, about their friends, and about their plans.  Over time, lovers begin to become less situationally aware, and will inadvertently make enough statements that would cause the suspecting spouse to hire a professional.

We do recommend that any spouse who thinks their spouse is cheating to consider the consequences of their actions.

Will your marriage be able to recover if you begin to snoop?

If your spouse were to snoop on you, what would they find?

Be sure you have an understanding of what documentation you will need to provide the courts in divorce proceeding where you are trying to prove that your spouse cheated on you.

If you need legal help regarding a cheating spouse, or with a failed marriage that is heading for divorce, contact the Mitnick Law Firm today.

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