Interview with Jared Mitnick – Part 2

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Interview with Jared Mitnick – Part 2

Who is your typical client? 

Anyone can be my client.  divorce can happen to anyone, anyone can be involved in a car accident, and anyone can be charged with a crime.  I represent people from all walks of life.

Other than a law degree, What kind of special training or knowledge do you have?

I am NHTSA certified, which is the class officers take to be trained in DUI detection.  I have also completed the Bill Daniels Trial Advocacy Program which gives specialized training in trial tactics for criminal defense.

Do you specialize in divorces, or are divorces just a part of your practice? How long have you been practicing family law? How many family law cases have you handled? 

  I have done 100+ divorce cases and it has always been a part of my practice.


Criminal Law Questions 


Should I talk to the police?

Depends on the situation but generally speaking, not without a lawyer present.

Can police arrest me without evidence of my guilt?

yes, all they need is probable cause

What Is Your Experience in DUI Cases?

I have handled 100s of DUI cases.  Probably biggest % of my practice over last 7 years

What Are My Options after a DUI?


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