Interview with Jared Mitnick – Part 1

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Interview with Jared Mitnick – Part 1


How long have you been practicing? What are your areas of practice?

Since 2008 so 7 years.  criminal, personal injury, bankruptcy, divorce, child support/custody

Are you involved in the local legal community? 

I am a member of several local bar associations, I am on the Georgia high school judicial advisory committee, I am the Cambridge high school mock trial coach

What do you like most about your job? Least?

I enjoy obtaining positive outcomes in court or mediation for my clients.  I dislike the negative approach some attorneys take towards opposing counsel in cases.

Was there anything you wished you would have done differently in law school that you did not realize until you started to practice?

Learned how to use westlaw and lexis better for research

What are the best ways to practice criminal defense? Is it possible to do it without working as a prosecutor first? What is the best way to get into a specialty of criminal law, such as white-collar or drug and narcotics defense? 

Definitely possible to do it w/o being a prosecutor.  I was never a prosecutor but did get some minor trial experience doing public defender work in local municipalities.  Best way is to gain experience by doing it and having good network of attorneys to help when you come across new situations.

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