Ignition Interlock Devices

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Ignition Interlock Devices

During the past session of the General Assembly a new law was passed.  HB 205 goes into effect on July 1st, 2017 and it will make changes to the DUI laws on the books today.

First, the 10 business day to file an appeal changes to 30 days. This is a good change.  Allowing an individual who has just been pulled over, arrested, booked and jailed only 10 days to figure out their next step is too fast.  We make the assumption that the person reading our posts isn’t just surfing the web for something interesting.  If that were the case you would be looking at dogs surfing, aliens in the International Space Station cameras or bald eagles hatching instead of this!  More than likely, you or someone close to you, has been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). You are probably searching for answers and a good attorney.

The ignition interlock device is basically a breathalyzer that is hooked up to your car’s engine. Before driving, you have to “prove” you’re sober. Also, while driving, you will be required to blow into the device periodically to prove you are still sober.  If texting and driving is a distraction, how much more so is having to respond to a breathalyzer in a set amount of time while in heavy traffic?  Eventually cases like that will make their way into the courtroom.

The ignition interlock device may make driving an option for some, but we’re not sure it’s such a good deal.  For one thing, there is a huge cost component.  It will cost approximately $1500 – $2000 to install and operate the device for the first year. That burden is very steep for the average Georgian.

The second issue is the assumption that a driver who has been found guilty of driving under the influence once is more likely to be a repeat offender.  I would rather the first time offender have less restrictions and the repeat offenders have the restriction of the ignition interlock device.

If you are under the age of 21 (legal age to drink in Georgia) you are not even eligible for an ignition interlock device so you are not allowed to drive based solely on your age. This should, and probably will, be challenged in court.

At Mitnick and Associates, we believe the best solution is to never have a DUI or DWI conviction on your record.  Our experienced team makes sure that you have the best representation so that you are not convicted of a DUI or DWI felony that will be on your record for life and can impact your job, insurance, and life for years to come.

Call DUI attorney Dan Mitnick today to see what your options are.  Remember, we believe you are innocent and will work to prove that in court. While each case is different, we have handled numerous Roswell, Alpharetta and Milton DUI cases and know the judges, the prosecutors, the police and the court system better than others. Our experience in other cases gives us the knowledge to help you with your case.

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