How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

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How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Jared Mitnick and I am a partner here at Mitnick & Associates.

Many clients ask us how much does a divorce cost. As you can imagine there are a tremendous number of variables involved in determining cost. The cost of a divorce varies from case to case. We have found that about 20 hours is the amount of time it usually takes to settle a divorce, these are the cases that we are able to resolve without taking them to trial. There are some cases that take less than 20 hours to settle, and then there are others that require mediations, trials, hearings, settlement conferences and sometimes even experts. These types of cases typically require hundreds of hours.

The more that you and your spouse are able to agree upon prior to engaging our firm, will assist you greatly in reducing your overall cost. Even if you have engaged our firm, or any firm, the more that you and your spouse can agree on prior to trial will also greatly assist you in reducing overall cost.

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