Georgia Divorce Law: Child Custody Issues

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Georgia Divorce Law: Child Custody Issues

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Georgia Child Custody Laws

With divorce on the rise across Georgia, child custody issues are also on the rise. In this firm alone, we have dealt with scores of divorces that involve custody disputes. Custody issues must be taken seriously at the trial court level because, while custody appeals are possible, trial court judges are allowed broad discretion to make decisions regarding the custody of children. This means, that on appeal, an appellate court will only reluctantly overturn the initial custody decision. Further, the more time that a child has lived in a certain home situation, the more hesitant the courts will be to remove that child from the seemingly stable situation. For this reason, it is important to seek an experienced family law attorney, accustomed to child custody matters, when facing child custody disputes in divorce proceedings. Modification of custody can be facilitated when you can show a material change in circumstance and best interest of the child is met.

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