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Contempt Orders

Our Alpharetta Divorce Attorney Can Help Enforce Your Divorce Order

A contempt order is a legal means to enforce an order previously issued by the court. In a family law context, they are generally used to enforce compliance with a divorce decree concerning:

At The Law Offices of Daniel W. Mitnick & Associates, P.C., our attorneys have 25 years of combined experience, the respect of our peers, and a reputation for success on behalf of our clients. A knowledgeable Alpharetta lawyer with our firm can represent both plaintiffs and defendants in enforcement actions throughout the metro area. Attorney Mitnick is admitted to practice law in state court, the United States District Court Northern District of Georgia, United States Court of Appeals 11th Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. Our attorneys are skilled litigators and fully prepared to handle your case.

How to Enforce Child Support Orders

If you are not receiving your court ordered child support, the first step is to obtain an enforcement order from the court. If your former spouse still refuses to pay, our experienced Alpharetta attorney can petition the court to allow collection through garnishment of wages. If that is not enough, we can help you take further action. Our firm also defends clients in child support enforcement actions. We present the strongest case possible, based on the facts and the law.

How to Enforce Child Custody and Visitation Orders

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in child custody and visitation actions. When a child custody enforcement order is issued by the court, it empowers the police to locate and return the child to the custodial parent. Contempt of such an order can result in jail time.

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