Does Emotional Neglect Impact Alimony?

///Does Emotional Neglect Impact Alimony?

Does Emotional Neglect Impact Alimony?

Does Emotional Neglect Impact Alimony?

Today marrying someone or relating to someone requires true skills. We fought for new opportunities, rights, liberal in relationships, yet it remains difficult and even more difficult than before to find a partner with whom we can be happy. When we look at this problem from a new angle, we learn that we work on ourselves and learn skills that will enable us to be happy with ourselves and our partners.

Divorces are on the rise

In recent years, statistical data has shown an increase in the number of divorces.

Experts explain this trend of social pressures which has caused many bad marriages survival rates, reduced to a minimum. By the middle of the last century, the role of men and women was clearly defined. Each partner knew the expectations attached to him or her. If each partner is fulfilling the expectations explicitly, there are pretty good chances that the marriage will survive. Supposedly, men are strong, quiet, unexciting, those who solve the problem, help around the house, and protectors and women are social and religious, good cooks, housekeepers. Not going into other areas of their spouse. Each had their socially defined role. With technological changes and the women’s movement, there have been drastic changes in these static and traditional roles.

Today, it is very difficult to be in a marriage. Marriages can store only a pair with a good emotional connection. Without social legislation and pressures, today’s marriages rely only on their stakeholders. And it would be happy and would not succumb to gloom statistical predictions; they stay to become acquainted with themselves and with their partner and to cooperate in their marriage, without the fear to ask for assistance.

Psychological data

In recent years, one can analyze the emotional bond between husband and wife with high precision. Psychological measurements primarily contributed to familiarizing the reasons that sustain or destroy marriage. There are biological reactions or disagreements on how the researchers note the critical point of emotional realities that are mainly ignored. Disagreements begin at an early age in different emotional worlds in boys and girls.

Two different emotional worlds exist in couples whose marriage is in crisis, mainly due to the differences in their early childhood. As they grow up, children learn ways in which they can cope with emotions. According to research, girls are at an advantage, because of parents, especially mothers as they spend more time in conversation with their daughters. Girls exhibit a greater number of emotions that describes their growing number of emotional states. Therefore, the girls in many cases before the boys develop the ability to linguistic expression are more experienced and more skilled in expressing emotional states. Large differences occur with puberty when girls do not react with aggression, unlike boys when angry. Then they become skilled in the subtle rejection, malicious gossip, and indirect vendettas. The girls also have a stronger sense of community, while boys are lonely and proud, determined and independent. Later, men fear losing independence and a woman fears losing friendships. During a conversation, men want to talk about things whereas a woman wants to achieve an emotional connection.

Research on men shows that communication is important in courtship. But in a marriage, it is not seen as a source of meaning or intimacy.

Emotional Neglect

Emotional neglect is a lack of emotional support in a human relationship. It is distinct from emotional abuse, and that is the reason emotional neglect is not a valid argument in divorce settlements and alimony requests. Alimony is usually extended help from one ex-spouse to another to stay in normal financial state, regardless of who is at fault (in most cases). Of course, there are exceptions that are at the court’s discretion, for example, if emotional neglect was cause for abuse or other relevant reasons.

When considering the divorce process, everything could be relevant for the spouses because they are in some kind of pain and rejection. But there is always the burden of proof. The emotional and mental relationship within the spouses is not legally relevant until someone concretely does something abusive to the other spouse that can be proven. 

If we are talking about the law we should use only provable, undeniable facts. But, if the emotional neglect was the reason for abusive moments then, there is a chance that the abuse could have an impact on the final outcome of the divorce case.

If you believe you have experienced an emotionally abusive marriage and would like to find out more information, feel free to contact our experienced divorce attorneys to discuss your options.

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