DUI in City of Milton

//DUI in City of Milton

DUI in City of Milton

If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) in the City of Milton, you need to call the experienced DUI attorneys at Mitnick and Associates today. It’s a pretty good bet that you didn’t arrive on this page by accident. Either you, or a close friend, have been arrested for DUI. You probably used search terms like Milton DUI Lawyer or Milton DUI Attorney.

We work with the Solicitor’s Office in the City of Milton on a regular basis. The Milton Municipal Court is a “court of limited jurisdiction” which means they aren’t allowed to have jury trials. Your case can be decided in Milton Municipal Court by a Judge, which is called a “bench trial,” but the facts in your case may make a jury trial the best vehicle for justice.

Only by contacting DUI Attorney Dan Mitnick or the experienced DUI team at Mitnick and Associates, can we determine what the best course of action is based on your unique set of circumstances. Every case is different and we need to look at your specific issues.  Also, you need to act quickly because of the 10 day administrative hearing timeline.

When you were arrested you had the option of taking a breathalyzer test or refusing one. If you refused (or if you blew over the legal limit), then your driver’s license was taken and you were given a DS 1205 form to serve as your temporary driver’s license.

It includes information about you, details of your arrest, the officer’s name, where the arrest occurred, and test results.  It also includes a section that reads “OFFICIAL NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUSPEND” which is where you are informed that if you don’t request an administrative hearing within ten (10) business days, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended.

If we decide that a jury trial is the best avenue to avoid a DUI or DWI conviction, then your case will be transferred to Fulton State Court.  There are 10 Judges that currently serve in Fulton State Court and each has a unique style, perspective and manner in which they run their courtroom. Because Mitnick and Associates is based in Fulton County, we are very familiar with the Judges in Fulton State Court. Dan Mitnick and the other MItnick and Associates attorneys appear often before the Judges on the bench in that court.

The trusted DUI attorneys at Mitnick and Associates have the experience to know how each Judge handles their caseload and how their courtroom operates. Knowing the “lay of the land” can be vital to having your charges dismissed.

The key is to act as quickly as possible to obtain the best Milton DUI attorneys with the experience and track record to handle your case. We’ve reviewed thousands of cases and tried hundreds of cases so we have the experience to guide your case. Whether we get it entire case tossed out, work with prosecutors to offer a plea deal that is favorable to you, or take the case to trial, you can rest assured that the DUI lawyers at Mitnick and Associates will fight for your rights and work to prove your innocence.

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