DUI and Collegiate Plans

//DUI and Collegiate Plans

DUI and Collegiate Plans


DUIs can wreck all aspects of your life. But have you ever thought about how a DUI could affect your college plans?

If you commit the DUI when you are already admitted to college, it is probably the best scenario for you (although your admission could potentially still be revoked). But committing a DUI before getting admitted or while in college can really affect your plans.

DUI in High School:

While a college admission essay about getting a DUI and how you have changed your life since then might be compelling to one admission officer, it does raise a red flag that you are irresponsible, both because you consumed alcohol while underage and also chose to drive a vehicle. Some colleges will not accept candidates with this sort of history. Many applications will ask for criminal history, so you will be required to disclose the DUI.

DUI in College:

In many colleges, you are required to report that you were arrested. All colleges have student policies that regulate substance abuse and drinking policies. Some colleges are more forgiving of “youthful indiscretions” while others have a zero-tolerance policy. At some schools, a DUI will get you suspended or expelled. At the University of Georgia, a DUI charge (not even a conviction) can land you a suspension. After your suspension, you will have to complete an alcohol awareness class and stay on probation for twelve months.

This can really affect you and your parents financially as you will forfeit the current tuition and residence hall costs and fees. On top of that, you might potentially lose financial aid. If you are an athlete, you might not be eligible to participate. If you are planning on studying abroad, you might not be able to do so.

Because of these potentially grave consequences, it is important to secure counsel immediately to find the best path of action and to protect your collegiate future.

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