Drinking and Driving in Atlanta: It’ll Cost You

//Drinking and Driving in Atlanta: It’ll Cost You

Drinking and Driving in Atlanta: It’ll Cost You

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People who commit DUIs face a lot of financial repercussions: fines, cost of hiring an attorney, alcohol education classes, and loss of income. But one they might not be thinking about is the effect on their car insurance. While the aforementioned costs are one-time fees, an increased car insurance premium is a recurring financial penalty. According a Nerd Wallet, Inc., Atlanta is the number 5 city in the nation for largest car insurance increase after committing a DUI. According to this site, the average car insurance premium is $1250.41. After receiving a DUI, the premium will jump to $2,229.27. That’s an increase of $978.86—or almost double the premium before the DUI. And if you’re from Savannah, you can’t breathe easily, either—they were number 9 on the list.

Cops are out patrolling during parades, so it would behoove drivers to be careful during the St. Patrick’s Day parade (which dates back to 1858). While many Atlantans are planning to go out and celebrate, be sure to get a cab home or have a designated driver. Otherwise, those car insurance premium hikes might prevent you from driving at all.

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