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Community Service Opportunities in the Atlanta Area


Those convicted of a DUI or other crime might find themselves needing to contribute to the community in order to fulfill the requirements of the court. So where do you look?

Before you look, you need to make sure that the place complies with what is required by the court. In other words, the place needs to be nonprofit and a public service organization. That means you cannot volunteer a few hours to help out at your brother’s bakery and get credit. When you are making initial contact with an organization, make sure you specify that they are nonprofit and public service.

You might feel embarrassed about disclosing why you are doing community service. Don’t be. Many of these organizations have worked with people who are serving sentences. In fact, many people who start doing community service for this reason end up staying with the organizations and serving the community afterwards because they find it to be a rewarding experience.

Here is a list of a few places you might be interested in working at:

  1. SafeRide America
  • Is a driver-for-hire service open 7 days a week across the Metro Atlanta Area to proactively prevent impaired driving
  1. Hands On Atlanta
  • Works with families and individuals to find volunteer opportunities at over 400 schools and service organizations
  1. Georgia Department of Natural Resources
  • Teach others about the importance of natural and cultural resources by volunteering at an historic site, golf course, or state park
  1. Gwinnett Humane Society
  • Help animals get adopted into forever homes or placed into temporary volunteer foster homes by promoting animals and educating the community
  1. Volunteer Resources for Gwinnett County

Make sure that you verify the hours you spend volunteering. Make sure you have a spreadsheet documenting the date you worked, the time in and time out, and what you were doing. Also, be sure to get your supervisor’s signature and date. Finally, at the end of your service, getting a signed letter from the organization (on their letterhead) verifying that you worked there, what months, and how many hours you worked there.

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