Car Accident Causes

//Car Accident Causes

Car Accident Causes

Automobiles are an important part of everyday life for many people, but the event of a car accident can be disastrous. Accidents can happen for a multitude of reasons, but the majority have three causes: human error, road hazards, and equipment malfunctions.

The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Accidents are bound to occur when people are involved. Because of this, human error is the most common type of car accident that occurs. Whether it be lapses in judgment, being reckless, or just electing to not follow the rules of the road, humans make the roads a dangerous place.

  • The most common source of human error is distracted driving. Distracted driving tops drunk drivers, speeders, and new, inexperienced drivers in total accidents caused. It does this because of how easy it is to do. Averting your eyes from the road for even a moment to check your phone can have catastrophic consequences.
  • Reckless driving is another common way drivers cause accidents on the road. Reckless driving is driving aggressively or not following the rules of the road correctly. Reckless driving is a broad category that includes things like surpassing the speed limit and tailgating. Aggressive and impatient drivers are at a much higher risk of serious accidents than defensive drivers.
  • Many drivers underestimate how dangerous speeding Just going as much as ten miles per hour over the speed limit lowers your possible response time to incoming hazards and drivers, not to mention that ten mph can make a large difference in the severity of the crash.
  • Improperly following other road laws is just as bad as breaking the speed limit. Drivers expect to be able to go when they see a green light or open road, so running red lights and stop signs is extremely dangerous. It is even more dangerous because these types of accidents usually result in someone getting hit in the side where the car is unable to absorb the shock as well.
  • Drivers who fail to change lanes or to make turns properly are also dangerous. As with the red lights and stop signs, drivers naturally expect that the other drivers around them will follow the rules, and when they do not accidents occur.
  • The last cause of human error accidents is impaired driving. Driving is a task the requires close attention and the ability to make quick decisions. Drugs, both medical and recreational, and alcohol can affect both of those abilities and can cause accidents. Angry and sleepy drivers also fall into this category as their thinking is also impaired.

Accidents can occur when road conditions are not typical. Anything short of clear skies and roads adds to the potential for an accident.

Car Accidents in Inclement Weather

Driving in any type adverse weather is stressful and dangerous.

  • A moderately heavy rain can make seeing difficult or make tires slid, especially if the rain has just started or just finished after a short period.
  • Ice and snow are also dangerous. They have the potential to make roads unpassable or make them slippery and impossible for your tires to grip. Black ice is the most threatening form of ice. It is hard to spot, and just one small patch of it can cause a car to lose traction and to lose control.
  • Fog is also known to be quite dangerous when it is dense and difficult to see through. It makes proper decision making difficult, and severely cuts a driver’s window to react down.
  • Like fog, night driving also makes it difficult for a driver to see their environment and has a similar effect.

Weather conditions are not the only hazards drivers must consider. Any problems with the road can create an equally dangerous situation. Road hazards are often harder to see and to adjust for then weather conditions, making them difficult to avoid. You should be cautious when driving in unfamiliar territory.

  • Curves can be fatal when taken lightly. They can spring on you in an instant and be too sharp for your car to make.
  • Potholes and other road imperfections can do damage to your vehicle if hit too fast. Cars will also attempt to avoid them and then collide with another vehicle or obstacle.
  • Wild animals also count as a road hazard. They do not understand the rules of the road, and can just wander into the middle of the street. They can cause severe damage when your car hits them if they are big enough, and avoiding them can be more dangerous.

Car Defects and Failure Cause Car Accidents

The last major cause of accidents is defects in equipment or car failure. Cars have several parts that can cause accidents if they randomly stop working, and other pieces of equipment that can make a bad crash even worse. The worst part about these accidents is they can be difficult to see coming and can happen before a driver even realizes their car is not working properly.

If you have been involved in a car accident in Georgia, find an experienced personal injury attorney with experience in car accidents.


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