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The Means Test and Bankruptcy Protection

How to Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The means test is a method used by bankruptcy courts to determine whether debtors qualify to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and have the majority of their debts discharged. At The Law
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Help with the Bankruptcy Means Test

The means test is designed to determine whether or not you could repay your debts. Certain monthly expenses are deducted from your income to arrive at a figure called your “disposable income.” The purpose is to determine whether or not you have enough money left over after necessities to pay your existing debts.

The first step in the means test is to compare your monthly income to the median income in your state. The annual median income for an individual in Georgia is currently $41,214. If your annual income is less than that amount, you automatically pass the means test and are eligible to file Chapter 7. The annual median income is even higher if you have more than 1 person in your household, including your spouse and children. If your annual household income exceeds the state median, the means test becomes somewhat more complex.

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