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The Bankruptcy Process

Alpharetta Bankruptcy Lawyer Guides You Through Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is the legal process by which individuals or businesses can seek protection from creditors and have their debts discharged or restructured. Of the 6 types of bankruptcy under federal law, Chapter 7 liquidation and Chapter 13 reorganization are the most commonly filed.

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Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

You may be wondering what property you can keep if you file bankruptcy. That depends on the type of bankruptcy you file. In Chapter 7, a court-appointed trustee sells (liquidates) your non-exempt assets and pays your creditors from the proceeds. However, certain types of assets are exempt from liquidation. They include:

  • Certain equities in your home, car, and personal property
  • Alimony and child support
  • Social Security benefits
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Veterans’ benefits
  • Pensions and retirement accounts
  • Insurance proceeds
  • A percentage of your wages

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debtor is allowed to retain possession of property, but must enter into a repayment plan in which the debts are paid at an agreed upon monthly amount, usually with reduced principal and smaller periodic payments than before bankruptcy.

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