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Dan Mitnick Mediator Alpharetta

Alpharetta Divorce Mediator

As a law firm, we are proud to announce that our founding partner Dan Mitnick has become a certified mediator.  Dan has worked tirelessly over his legal career to pursue justice for his clients, and now as a mediator he will continue to pursue justice involving clients that are brought to him.

Mediation Of Divorce Alpharetta

For anyone that has been through a divorce, it is common knowledge that the process can be painful, mentally stressing, while also wreaking emotional havoc on all involved.  Our attorney Dan Mitnick has sought to bring an additional level of service to his clients by offering divorce mediation services.  While divorce is most certainly difficult, mediation can reduce some of the overwhelming concerns that one faces with divorce.  Mediation seeks to provide a calm and civil method of dissolving the marriage, while reducing the negatives of divorce, and particularly divorce litigation.

There are certain instances where mediation is a required step for a couple to take, prior to being able to initiate the divorce process.  With this added level of service, The Mitnick Law Firm hopes to be able to assist those in need throughout the entire complex process of divorce.  Dan Mitnick will be able to sit down with you and your spouse in order to provide a fair compromise, where you are each able to have your voice heard.  Mediation is the process of removing the fight, and focuses on enabling the finality of divorce.  Mediation is certain to be more civil towards both spouses, while the child custody process can also benefit as well.  Most parents that divorce, love their children, and many times still care about the well being of their spouse, mediation provides a method to migrate all family members through this tough time.

Certified Mediator Alpharetta

With Dan Mitnick as a certified mediator in Alpharetta, our firm is ready to assist you with divorce mediation services.  if you have questions, please feel free to call our office, and feel free to click for more about divorce mediation.