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Foreclosure Defense Lawyer in Alpharetta

Stop Foreclosure on Your Home with Our Help!

If you are under threat of foreclosure, you need to take immediate action
to protect yourself and your investment. An experienced Alpharetta attorney
with our firm can help you determine if you are eligible for
bankruptcy. You can stop foreclosure by filing
Chapter 7 or
Chapter 13.

At The Law Offices of Daniel W. Mitnick & Associates, P.C., we have
helped countless clients achieve successful resolutions to overwhelming
debt and stressful financial situations. Our lawyers have 25 years of
combined experience. We have earned a reputation for success and the respect
of our colleagues and peers. Let us help you determine the best debt relief
option in your specific case.

Options to Stop Foreclosure

If we determine together that bankruptcy is the right choice for you, our
knowledgeable Alpharetta lawyer will prepare a petition for Chapter 7
or Chapter 13, depending on your particular circumstances. When the petition
is filed with the court, an automatic stay will go into effect, halting
all foreclosure proceedings. This will allow you to remain in your home
and give you time to reevaluate your financial situation. If bankruptcy
is not the right solution for you, we can help you determine if any of
the following may be an option:

  • Loan modification
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure
  • Short sale

Not all debt relief options involve bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy can
provide one of the most reliable solutions. Your specific outcome may
vary, depending on the chapter under which you file, and therefore it
is important to first consult with an attorney. If you have defaulted
on a mortgage payment or received a notice of foreclosure, contact our
firm as soon as possible, so we can ensure that your rights, your investment,
and your home are protected.

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Our attorneys are seasoned negotiators and
skilled litigators, highly respected in the legal community. You can have confidence that
our dedicated Alpharetta lawyer will actively protect your rights and
defend your home and assets.
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